Thursday, 20 October 2011

Child Custody in San Diego - Resolving Issues and Solving Problems

As they say, the only constant in life is change. Time changes, people changes, often people grow apart and even the strongest of relations break. If you have had smooth sailing in your life, marked with only prosperity and joy and no hassles then thank your stars because you have been plain simple lucky. However given the ever changing human nature, if things do take turn for worse, you are left with a lot many issues to pragmatically handle. The issues may involve thinking about matters you may have never considered otherwise, and take some tough decisions. One of the important issues arising out the abandoned wedlock is the issue of child custody. Child custody can be one of the most overwhelming issues, having the potential to completely sway away the individual and along with the turmoil of a relationship which is falling apart fighting for child’s custody can further intensify the pain and agony erupting out of the failed broken marriage.

The governing system which lays emphasis on the welfare and betterment of children makes it mandatory to thoroughly resolve the marital disputes prior to fighting for the custody of the child. This is where the role of a child custody attorney in San Diego comes into picture. The couples are required to submit a certificate to the effect that formalities associated with family dispute have been resolved, before embarking on the important aspect of child custody. Though surely a unique treatment will be given to all the cases and the distinguishing arguments will be considered, instead of treating each case like the others and following a pre existing course of action. It is with due consideration to the interests of the child as well as both the parents that child custody issues are dealt with, paving the way for a better future for everyone involved.

The thought process which has given rise to such a tedious procedure is that every child has a right to enjoy the love, care and affection of each of his parents even if the parents are fighting against each other to win the custody of their child. And often more emphasis are laid on the other facets of child custody l such as shared parenting, to ensure that the child remains the least affected in the entire problem. The best decisions are, in effect, taken after giving due consideration to the statements of both the parents in a child custody case, while bearing the child's interests and future as the central consideration.


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