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How to get help for child custody after divorce from the best child custody lawyers in San Diego?

Child custody refers to the act of taking legal custody or taking decisions about the minor child including his education, religion, medical issues, discipline and as well as his physical custody. If you have the sole custody then you alone are responsible for child’s legal and physical custody but if you have joint custody then you and your ex-spouse share the legal and physical custody of the child. But in case you and your ex-spouse do not agree on the custody arrangements then court is the best option available who will decides about the child custody on taking into consideration his best interest

Whenever a marriage fails it has devastating consequences on husband and wife along with the children out of that marriage. In the eyes of the court both parents are equal whether it is mother or father which means that it is absolutely gender neutral.

When handling a divorce and if the couple has a child then it is a good idea to seek help from mens divorce lawyers. In the matter of child’s custody an experienced and skilled child custody lawyer will study the parent’s relationship with their child and their relationship to each other. Child custody is the most important and emotional issue that divorcing couple has to deal with.

The child custody attorney in San Diego are compassionate and understand these emotional issues and aim to resolve such matters with least possible amount of emotional pain for the couple and children. There are different issues involves with child custody including his legal custody, his physical custody, visitation and determination custody. San Diego custody attorney will help San Diego mothers and fathers who are dealing with child custody issues.

Child custody lawyers San Diego will also work with you to develop a parenting plan that will allow both the parents and children to deal with parent’s separation. Every step will be guided by the child custody attorney’s to the parents. The lawyers will take the case with intensity and respect and understand the emotional factor involve in the separation and work towards protecting the best interest of the children.

Legal custody of the child can be given to single parent or both parents, while physical custody can be given to single parent, with whom the child will live. In this case, other parent will be given the right of visitation. But in case the child has sufficient age and has the capacity to reason, court will take into account the child wishes.


  1. Depression is common when going through a divorce. However, studies have shown long-standing physical ailments as well.
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  2. The Family Court in San Diego County, California requires parents in a custody dispute to attend mediation at Family Court Services (FCS). At FCS, the parents meet with a social worker who tries to broker a parenting agreement between the parties. However, if no agreement can be reached, the mediator makes a recommendation to the Court.You can learn more if you visit here: san diego child custody attorney


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