Tuesday, 20 September 2011

Things you should know about court, mediated and collaborative divorce in San Diego!

Divorce is one of the most difficult phases in any person’s life. To reduce the pain and sufferings involve in the process, people are given choices. They have to choose between San Diego court divorce, San Diego mediated divorce, San Diego collaborative divorce.

Court divorce in San Diego

This is a place where people receive orders on how to get separated with each other. Choosing this method create tension because it involves certain mandatory requirements to be filled by the divorcing couples. Filing a court divorce is time taking and complicated. There is a need to hire a San Diego divorce lawyer, fill the necessary forms, pay the necessary fee for filling the forms, present the documents to the spouse, and serve a copy of the documents to the court.

This is the most perfect place to solve the problems. Instead of cutting all the contact communications with your spouse, you will be given the chance to communicate with him/her on certain issues. This method saves money because it involves a certain flat fee including preparation of all court forms. In mediation, mediator is not the common lawyer for both the parties; he will just help them to communicate with each other and tried to put everything into a memorandum of understanding. He encourages each spouse to take this memo to their individual attorney for review and approval. After this process finally the marital settlement agreement (MSA) is prepared. In this process, you need not have to worry about the kids, house and money, no waiting in line, no worries about judge liking and disliking, does not have to pass nasty remarks on someone you loved.

Collaborative divorce San Diego:

This is the place where specially trained lawyers of the divorcing couples along with the couples participate to deal with the divorce process. In this method, attorney sign documents that in case divorce process breaks down then the couple will end up litigating and they will be out from the case. It also takes into consideration the emotional aspect associated with the divorcing couples. A mental health coach will be appointed who will be helping you in dealing with difficult and stressful process. A child specialist will also be appointed to bring the desires and wants of the children. And a joint financial planner will also be hired to deal with the financial aspects of each party

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