Monday, 14 November 2011

Getting in touch with San Diego Child Custody Lawyers

The decision of child custody is pivotal decision involved while dealing with the divorce case. The legal procedure of child custody is basically done to determine who shall have the rights and duties regarding the child, i.e. which of the parent is in a better position to supplement the holistic growth and development of the child.

The child custody cases are rather sensitive in nature and puts an extra unavoidable strain on everyone involved, be it the parents seeking divorce or the child who is made to go through all this. It is advisable that one should hire a professional child custody lawyer to deal with the same cases.

The laws for child custody in San Diego are somewhat similar to those in other states. The decisions pertaining to the custody of the child are taken in the court of law and the San Diego court keep the child’s best interests at heart before deciding upon it. Other than the interests of the child, the court may also consider various other important aspects, which include the thought process of the parents and their wishes regarding the matter, the relationship of the child and his own preferences, and the degree to which the parent has compelled the child in the child custody agreement. Other crucial factories involved in deciding the custody of the child is child’s involvement with the home, school and community as a whole and the mental and physical health of the child and of everyone involved in the case.

Depending on the situation, the court may order single custody or joint custody agreement. However joint custody goes completely out of picture if there is any evidence of domestic violence, either at present or in the past. Unless otherwise restricted by the court of law, both the parents may continue to be the equal participants in the matters pertaining to the growth and development of child.

If you hire a San Diego custody attorney, you get a complete guidance and assistance of an expert in the child custody issue. The professional lawyer will formulate a precise plan of action for you and will represent your interests in the legal battle ground. The San Diego child custody lawyer is experienced enough to handle the arguments of the opposing party and effectively represent your interests.

The San Diego child custody attorney will handle your case with upmost concern and sensitivity. You must hire a child custody lawyer as early as possible in your case. Don’t be swayed with the rumors of child custody lawyers charging too much because their rates are in accordance with the national average.

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