Wednesday, 16 November 2011

How to Find Your Child Custody Lawyer in San Diego

It is a stressful and emotionally painfully experience when a marriage falls apart. Though it may be good for both the individuals, the involvement of child in such matters makes it overly critical. At one hand you have the expenses to take care of, along with your job and yourself and on the other hand you don’t want to make it difficult for the child as well, especially if they are grown up enough to understand everything that’s going on. To handle the same efficiently you must make avail of the services of a San Diego child custody lawyer. The article further provides the steps involved in finding the child custody lawyer to handle your case:

Step 1: you may start the process by asking your closed friends and family members who may be aware of any such lawyer. A family member or a friend may know of a friend who is a good lawyer, thus you may get a personal advantage in that case, or they might be aware of one generally.

Step 2: If the first step doesn’t yield any good enough results, you may scan through the yellow pages section to find the contact details of a good San Diego custody attorney. Be careful to only get a list of attorneys practicing in your location and they must specialize in child custody cases and not others like brain injury, DUI etc.

Step 3: refer your state bar association and check for family law attorneys in your area. Compare the list they provide you with the ones you have come up with through yellow pages, and also ask if there have been any complaints regarding any of the attorneys by their clients.

Step 4: compare all the lists that you have compiled by now and chalk out the best suited candidates for the task. Contact each of them; let’s say the top three for a personal meeting. The first consultation should be free of charge.

Step 5: prior to the meeting, sit down and write down the question you would ask them at the time of meeting. Also be prepared to discuss your case in detail and any matter you’d like to discuss like visitation, support, trust funds, tax fillings etc.

Step 6: make mental notes or write down. Note the behavior of lawyer towards you, if the lawyer was friendly and considerate enough and if he has a winsome personality or not. You would need this to compare the top three candidates.

Step 7: once you are done with the personal meeting, sit down and compare your experiences about each one of them. Decide which personality type they belong to, aggressive – laid back – compassionate and etc and what exactly are you looking for. Don’t give extra importance to cost and hire someone who is more affordable, rather go with the expertise, skill set and level of competence.

Keeping these points in mind and going with your own intuition, you would be able to find the best San Diego child custody attorney apt for your case.

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